Frozen in time? Stuck in Storybrooke, Maine? That’s what you’re going with?

Expectation vs. Reality (x)

The Most Important Woman in the Whole of Creation Meme 

Black & White


never doubt my ability to watch the same episode of something ten thousand times and remain just as interested and entertained every single time

 Once there was a planet much like any other. And unimportant. This planet sent the universe a message. A bell, tolling among the stars, ringing out to all the dark corners   of creation. And everybody came to see. Although no one understood the message,                     everyone who heard it found themselves afraid. Except one man.                                                                  The man who stayed for Christmas.

I hope people like the psd I’m doing right now. Well, it worked with all DW gifs I tested till now. Can’t wait. <3

uncharted 2 — marco polo


♔ OUAT MEME  3 Quotes

↳ ”We all have our own tragedies, lost love being the worst.” [2/3]